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MBBS, MS (Ortho), MSc (Ortho, UK), FRCS Ed, FRCS (Ortho, UK), CCT (UK),
Advanced Shoulder, Elbow & Hand Fellowships (UK, Mayo Clinic,
Rochester & Florida Orthopaedic Institute-USA


Sr. Consultant
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Yashoda Hospitals,

Director of Upper Limb Services,
Shoulder, Elbow and Hand Surgery

Continental Hospital,

Consultant Orthopaedic /
Shoulder & Hand Surgeon

University Hospitals of
Leicester, UK

Professional Membership

British Shoulder
Elbow Surgeons

Indian Shoulder
Elbow Society
(Founder and
EC Member)

Indian Orthopaedic
Surgeons Association

Indian Orthopaedic

Indian Arthroplasty

Hand Society of India

Meet the doc

Personal Journey

Dr. Deepthi Nandan Reddy’s personal journey into the realm of medicine is deeply rooted in his innate desire to make a profound impact on people’s lives. From a young age, he was fascinated by the power of healing and the ability of doctors to provide solace in moments of suffering. This early fascination with the world of medicine became the driving force behind his aspiration to become a healer.

As he progressed along this path, he envisioned a world where suffering could be eased, where individuals could regain their mobility and independence, and where the human spirit could triumph over physical adversity. This vision became the cornerstone of his life’s mission.

“I love being able to help people regain their mobility and get back to the things they love.”

Professional Journey

Dr. Depthi Nandan Reddy has been an orthopaedic expert for close to three decades. His journey commenced with a solid foundation in medicine. He obtained a Masters degree in Orthopaedics from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. However, Dr. Reddy’s fervent passion for his field propelled him towards additional surgical training in the United Kingdom (UK).

During his tenure in the UK, Dr. Reddy embarked on a rigorous six-year training program that encompassed a wide spectrum, ranging from joint replacements to intricate fracture management. In addition, it included paediatric orthopaedics, orthopaedic oncology, and specialised surgeries of the foot, ankle, spine, hand, and shoulder.

Dr. Reddy’s professional journey took an intricate turn as he honed his skills in the specialised areas of shoulder, elbow, and hand surgery. He gained invaluable experience in prestigious hand surgery units, including the renowned Pulvertaft Hand Surgery Unit in Derby.

His pursuit of excellence led him to complete fellowship training in shoulder and elbow surgery at esteemed institutions such as the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield and the University Hospitals of Coventry in the UK.

Moreover, he augmented his knowledge base by serving as a visiting fellow at many renowned institutions. Including the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Florida Orthopaedic Hospitals in the United States.

Through his diverse experiences, Dr. Reddy has emerged as one of India’s preeminent orthopaedic surgeons with dual training in India and the UK. His comprehensive fellowship training in shoulder, elbow, and hand surgery distinguishes him as a leading authority in his field.

Dr. Reddy’s professional mission is anchored in the transformation of lives. His visionary goal is to consistently elevate the standards of orthopaedic surgery through innovation, research, and education. His commitment to his patients remains unshaken, as he ardently strives to alleviate their pain and enhance their quality of life through precise surgical techniques and compassionate care

Specialisations and Treatments

Experience unparalleled shoulder care. Whether you’re grappling with shoulder pain, discomfort, or limited mobility, Dr. Reddy’s specialised services offer a path to relief and recovery.

Dr. Reddy’s commitment to excellence in shoulder care encompasses a range of treatments. From conservative approaches to advanced surgical techniques. Whether you require arthroscopic procedures, rotator cuff repairs, or complex shoulder reconstructions, Dr. Reddy combines cutting-edge technology with a personalised approach to tailor solutions to your specific needs.

Regain your shoulder’s strength and flexibility under his expert care!


  • Shoulder Reconstruction: Rotator cuff repair, Bankart repair, Latarjet procedure, Capsular plication, Bone grafting
  • Shoulder Replacements: Partial shoulder replacement, Total Shoulder and Reverse Shoulder Replacements.

Rediscover the freedom of movement and functionality in your hands under Dr. Reddy’s care. Whether you’re dealing with hand injuries, arthritis, or conditions affecting hand function, Dr. Reddy’s expertise offers a pathway to healing and renewed dexterity.

Dr. Reddy’s approach to hand care encompasses a spectrum of treatments, from non-surgical interventions to intricate hand surgeries. Whether you require hand joint replacements, carpal tunnel release, or intricate hand reconstructions, Dr. Reddy combines his technical precision with a patient-centred philosophy to heal your hands.

His commitment to relieving your pain and restoring your hand’s agility ensures that you can return to the activities you love with confidence and ease.


  • Wrist Reconstruction: Wrist joint fusion, Wrist arthroplasty, Tendon transfers, Ligament reconstruction, Carpal bone surgery
  • Wrist Replacement: Total wrist arthroplasty (TWA),Proximal row corpectomy (PRC)
  • Fracture Fixations: Percutaneous pinning, open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF), and external fixation (EF).

Embrace a life free from elbow discomfort, where strength and mobility are restored. With Dr. Reddy’s expertise, you can look forward to a future where your elbow pain becomes a distant memory, and your elbow regains its full range of motion.

Dr. Reddy’s mastery in elbow care spans from non-invasive treatments to intricate surgical procedures. Whether you’re dealing with tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, or complex elbow fractures, he offers tailored solutions that prioritise your comfort and well-being.


Case Studies

Fast Track Knee Replacement


I was advised to contact Dr Deepti Nandan Reddy for the ankle pain that I was struggling with for more than 5 years. I contacted the hospital and doctor for the first time with a suspicion that I will have to continue suffering ( As a common middle class man). But my experience was completely different post the consultation. I had changed Continental as my family hospital based on just the first visit. Now I am doing better for the past 3 years following the medication and exercises advised by
Dr. Deepthi sir..

– Jayakeerthi TR

Earlier We have visited many Doctors, But every doctor observed and said that condition is normal. But Dr Deepthi Sir,in a single Visit identified my aunt problem and completed the surgery to her hand. Now she is relieved out of pain which she is suffering from last 8 months. Thank you very Much Dr. Deepthi Nandan Reddy Sir.

– Chinnareddy

Have visited this doctor for knee un stability. Doctor immediately suggested for MRI and followed by ACL reconstruction operation.Very Friendly doctor. He will listen to your problem very carefully and gives you proper advise.Even after post operation also he is very attentive about the problems we have.

– Jyotsana Soni

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